Metal FabricationBring to life any design / product that can be made with metal.

High-security Access SolutionsControl access to your premises locally or remotely.

Door FabricationCreate or buy your preferred steel security door.

IoT SolutionsCustom made hardware and software solutions

We are simply the best.

With almost five decades of experience in the development, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of high-security solutions for institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential applications, Mul-T-Lock has gained a reputation for being a global leader.


We make sure our products meet your clients' exact specifications and requirements.


Large orders are delivered and installed within 14 working days.

Top Quality

Our doors are are fabricated from galvanized steel which makes them solid enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Many Options

We develop and manufacture customized solution with a wide range possibilities.

Up To Standards

Our locking solutions comply with the highest international standards, such as UL, CEN, VDS, SKG, CPC, A2P and ISO 9001/2000, ISO14001, SI 18001.