Solutions and References

Mul-T-Lock provides full range of solutions designed to address your market’s specific needs.

From an extensive range of access control solutions to the latest in digital protection technologies, Mul-T-Lock has the High Security locking solutions you require. 


Construction sites are often vast, open environments that contain expensive equipment and materials. A lack of security can result in thefts that amount to substantial losses.

Commercial Buildings

Securing commercial properties can be a challenging and complex task. Mul-T-Lock offers convenient and effective solutions that meet the needs of any size or type of commercial building.

Residential and Condominuims

Mul-T-Lock has a wide range of products that give families peace-of-mind combined with convenience and flexibility. Used together or separately, you can create a secure environment that’s easy to control.

Boutique Hotels

Your guests need to feel safe and secure throughout their stay and as hotel owners, you have a duty of care to protect them.


Mul-T-Lock solutions strike a balance between fast access and High Security with convenience and flexibility for this fast-paced, mission-critical environment.


Mul-T-Lock solutions for retail secure inventory, assets and equipment that are located and stored in a variety of places such as: Store rooms, display cases, cabinets, vehicles and on display within a storefront.


Mul-T-Lock addresses the complex needs of utility companies with solutions that include features such as remote management capabilities, audit trails, and reporting capabilities.


campuses are challenging to secure because of their vastness and condensed, ever-changing population. Mul-T-Lock addresses the ongoing changes to access rights for the student body, staff and personnel with a dynamic High Security locking solutions.

Vehicle Protection Solutions

Mul-T-Lock offers an extensive range of advanced mechanical, electromechanical and electronic products that provide protection to commercial and private vehicles of all types.